Building the world's first
"Innovative Blockchain Asset Exchange Platform"

Smart Trading, Signal, Proof of Stake, Cryptocurrencies Backed Loan, Referral and Buy Back


Next generation of Blockchain Asset KUDOS is an open-source and its design is public, nobody
owns or controls KudosCoin and everyone can take part.

Fast Transaction

No need to wait 10 minutes. Send KUDOS instantly and have it confirmed as spendable within few minutes.

Earn While You Sleep

With Proof of Stake, you can earn up to 10% interest. Simply keep your KudosCoin wallet (software) running and you will start earning on the KudosCoins you have in your wallet.

Secure Network

The KudosCoin network is decentralized and free from middlemen, giving you back control of your finances and providing a secure network for all of your payments.

Committed to Success

Building a world’s leading ICO Platform and Blockchain Asset Exchange Platform. Up to 50% of x’’s net profits used to support our KudosCoin Buyback Program.

0% Trading Fees*

No trading fees for ICO contributors depending on tier's contributions up to being Free Forever. KudosToken holders will enjoy discounted trading fees by paying in KudosCoin.

Referral Program*

Refer friends and family, earn passive income of 20% of their trading fees as they trade on Kudos Exchange. ICO Contributors can get up to 60% commissions.

*Terms apply

Get KudosCoin Wallet

These wallets run the blockchain & earn 10% interest on your coins.

Download - kudoscoin.conf

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Kudos Exchange Platform

KudosEx is blockchain exchange platform and trade Bitcoin or your favorite cryptocurrency anywhere in the world on our exchange. 24/7 Support. ​ Usage of KudosCoin Globally as we establish local merchants, using KudosCoin as a platform to buy other cryptocurrencies on our Exchange.

Kudos Exchange on Lending

Platform users that want to keep their cryptocurrency and obtain Fiat currency, can use our lending system to get loans which will be directly deposited into their local bank. Traders will have access to daily margin/leverage on trading with an interest rate that is acceptable. Borrowers are also given incentives for repayments made on time, and are being monitored using a point system.

Kudos Payment Processing Solution

KudosPay is a full payment solution enabling corporate & individual sellers to trade their products and services against cryptocurrencies. Buyers use a Daily Wallet to pay for goods and services while the seller accepts the payments using the Business Wallet in cryptocurrency.

Why KudosEx is your one stop solution
Blockchain Asset Exchange Platform

Cryptocurrencies Backed Loan

$ 58,780
Lenders Post Term at which they are willing to Lend

The members select the loan terms that fits their needs

Lenders commit cash fund to the loan

The members post their collateral cryptocurrencies assets into a multi signature smart contract through KUDOS Exchange Platform

Funds are deposited directly into member's bank account.

The collateral assets are securely stored during the loan

The members makes monthly payments on the loan

As soon as the loan is repaid, the member cryptocurrencies assets are returned.

Kudos Payment Processing Solution

KudosPay is a full payment solution enabling corporate & individual sellers to trade their products and services against cryptocurrencies. Buyers use a daily wallet to pay for goods and services while the seller accepts the payments using the business wallet in cryptocurrency.

KudosPay business wallet handles multiple cryptocurrencies to ensure best user experience. The fiat prices of items sold, will be converted to cryptocurrency at the KudosPay Gateway exchange rate. Online Store and Website integration will enable sellers to use their website to accept cryptocurrency payments. We will also provide Merchant POS Integration and API to integrate with the other systems.

Why KudosEx is your one stop solution
Blockchain Asset Trading Platform

KudosEx is not only built on sound technology it is also supported by a team of extraordinary people with ample experience in everything from design to client support all the way to customized liquidity management and low latency trading architecture.


Follow top professional traders on KUDOS exchange and copy their trades to earn as they earn.

Trading Crypto

A one-of-a-kind financial exchange ecosystem that will drive the future of blockchain innovation. Buy & Sell cryptocurrency in our exchange with an opportunity to earn passive income by being a profitable signal provider.

Crypto lending made Easy

Lend to Traders and Users to earn daily interest up to 10%
Borrow money on your local currency without having to sell your cryptocurrency.


Earn Live commission from each trade your friend make on our platform.


Using blockchain technology, transactions and data are completely transparent. Ensuring accuracy of contracts, financial transactions and other entries. This ensures accountability, complying with KYC, AML verification and Google Two Step Verification.


Encourages confidence, trust, credibility and liquidity for participants. Shaping a transparent and energetic future for the community.

KudosEx Advantages

Reasonable Commissions

Profitable investment opportunities and conditions

Secure Wallets

Keep your digital assets in user

Algorithmic Trading

API for crossplatform trading

Payment Options

More than 10 ways to deposit to an account

24/7 Support

Instant, friendly and always ready to help

Operating Speed

Maximum processing speed of your transactions

KudosCoin Price Guarantee via Buyback

KudosCoin Believes in its own coin value, Buyback funds are arranged to ensure a healthy increase of the value of KudosCoins. Up to 50% of KudoEx’’s net profits used to support our KudosCoin Buyback Program. We expect that demand for KudosCoin will rise with usage of KudosEx’s service. As usage of the platform accelerates, the availability of the KudosCoin will diminish, thus decreasing supply and helping to maintain a competitive economic model for KudosCoin.

We intend that holders of KudosCoin will be offered discounts on fees based on their overall KudosCoin holdings. The more KudosCoin they own, the higher the discount will be. This will likely incentivize clients to buy and hold KudosCoin, further reducing the available supply.

A FANTASTIC Client Centric Experience

KudosEx intends to include a dedicated customer support center and thorough documentation for the purposes of ensuring that the platform is suited to users coming from all levels of experience. In addition to a 24/7 dedicated help desk, we plan to integrate a friendly, on-brand AI bot, “Frank”, designed to assist clients with troubleshooting, questions, and quick reference guides. KUDOS’ customer support network plans to include a live-chat option via Intercom, an extended FAQ section, knowledge base, Slack channel, and supplemental videos to walk through important features.


KudosEx plans to work with BitGo for payment processing. This will enable users take advantage of several strong security protocols in relation to login and payment approval, including:

  • Two-factor Authentication (via Authy) - Two-factor authentication (“2FA”) adds an additional security layer to user accounts. Login and account access will require both a password and a unique multi-digit code sent to a registered physical device, such as a phone. Authy’s multi-device 2FA feature gives users a convenient solution to securing their data.
  • Multi-signature transactions (via BitGo) - Multi-signature wallets require two signatures to confirm a transaction. One instance would be stored on BitGo’s server, and another would be kept at the KodosEx Backend. To compromise a multi-signature wallet, an attacker would have to compromise both BitGo’s and KudosEx highly secure servers.

Cold Storage (via BitGo)

KudosEx will handle cryptocurrency deposits by generating temporary “receive wallet” addresses. Behind the scenes, assets from these temporary wallets will move to “cold storage wallets” constantly. Cold storage wallets represent the most secure asset storage in the whole ecosystem, located on a physically secure, completely air-gapped device. In the event that a bad actor were to compromise the platform, they would only have access to the small amount of coins stored in the temporary receive wallets at any given time.

Tech Stack

Web Application

KudosEx’s core user interface will be built using ReactJS. React is flexible and scalable, making it perfect for designing interactive UIs. To build a fully functional dynamic application, we will supplement ReactJS with Gulp to automate tasks and manage content and template changes. The combination of the two offers a powerful alternative to existing task-runners, allowing us to streamline our development workflow and optimize existing code.


Our platform’s REST API will be developed using NodeJS, TypeScript and Express. With a keen awareness of best practices, KudosEx’s REST architecture will emphasize performance, scalability and security while remaining highly flexible, simple, and stable.

This layer is intended to provide a secure, reliable connection between the frontend interface and the KudosEx database. The API will employ essential input validation to prevent cross-site request forgery attacks and cross-site scription (XSS) or SQL breaches. We propose that main authorization will be performed using tokens in request headers with all the resource collections being processed in standalone units whenever possible. The API’s internal functionalities are envisaged to be quite complex; however, the external layer is planned to be been kept open and remain simple to work with. Access permissions will be restricted and closely monitored, with end users only able to gain access to specific portions of the full API workflow. Frequent onsite security audits are intended to ensure that the API is constantly evolving based on real world production level risk analysis.

The KudosEx API will be available to our partners, enabling them to build third-party services and applications that communicate with our core database.


KudosEx plans to use the open-source, document-oriented database program, MongoDB, to handle authentication, network isolation, and encryption. Fully elastic and natively “blockchain” structure supportive, Mongo is built to scale and is highly available by default. Role-based access controls enhance data security, while optimized dashboards highlight key historical metrics. MongoDB Atlas has been independently audited and confirmed to meet privacy and compliance standards.

In addition to Mongo, KudosEx will deploy PostgreSQL, a powerful, open-source, fully ACID compliant object-relational database system. Backed by over 15 years of active development, PostgreSQL’s proven architecture has earned it a strong reputation for reliability, data integrity, and performance.

Order Management System

Risk Disclaimer

Token Sale participants should be aware that, as with any developing industry, there are risks involved (including the failure to build the intended platform). KudosEx has worked hard to mitigate these risks by partnering with the industry-leading blockchain platforms, such as Ethereum, globally recognized payment processors such as BitGo. The potential for future regulation, security vulnerabilities in one of our third-party service providers, volatility in cryptocurrency markets, and other circumstances may present unforeseen challenges that may impact the KudosEx platform and/or the value of COIN. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.

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